Who We Are

DEEP TOWERS is starting from scratch as a small company with a lean creative team looking to create and build online brands as business models that will be profitable for the owners and funding partners, at the end of the process cycle. DEEP TOWERS will be incorporated as a limited liability company with the corporate affairs commission of the federal republic of Nigeria, under the following categories:

  • Online Services
  • Software development
  • Business consulting services
  • Job Creation Firm
  • Investment Company


“The rewards will be greater, if a business process is able to connect and communicate with hundreds of thousands of people, and if you maintain a loyal and increasing customer base”…….Basil Saint kelvin

Mission Statement

To create, Design, Build, and Maintain Profitable Brands on the Internet.

Company Vision

To continue to work with the best team, and in collaboration with top companies, and effectively sustain our online brands, then expanding across borders, and further into other continents.

Latest Buisness Deals

We have just signed a new business agreement deal with IMPEX DYNAMIC SUPPLIES, a Global Import & Export Consultants, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Impex Dynamic Supplies is all about Importing & Exporting in Africa and Globally. Part of the deal involves the sourcing of raw materials of standard quality for industrial use, and exporting in large quantity to any country of destination.
The deal with IMPEX have metamorphosed into another business collaboration with MY WASTE PRODUCTS, a South African company located in Gauteng. My Waste Products is a new company in the recycling industry, manufacturing and supplying 100% Recycled Plastic Furnitures. As the Sales Representative, DEEP TOWERS is responsible for the sales and marketing as well as the assembly and installation of different range of recycled products in the Lagos area, and all surroundings of Nigeria.


DEEP TOWERS was founded in 2013 as a 100% web-based startup company located in Nigeria. It was initially created to be a small internet company to express creative novel business ideas, especially disruptive innovation models for online users. Over the years, DEEP TOWERS have readily operated with a lean team, and using the assistance of external partners, and advisors. We’ve also worked with a number of companies, offering effective, creative, and reliable business consultations to sustain their progress on the path of growth. Now at 4 years, we’re celebrating a milestone, with an international business collaboration involving two companies in South Africa: Continue to read


We continue to view the importance of job creation as one of our major corporate responsibilities both now and in the future. At a time like this, when the number of job opportunities is declining at an unprecedented rate, the economy seems to need more job creators, rather than more job seekers. So, this is where we come in: creation of a few number of jobs for young school leavers, and more collaboration with experts and other investors, to execute business ventures with the bottom line of creating and adding few jobs to the economy, in our capacity. Continue Reading



We supply different range of Recycled Plastic School Desks; all made from 100% Plastic Waste:

  • Nursery School Desk
  • Primary School Desk (single)
  • Primary School Desk (double)
  • Secondary School Desk (single)

These Recycled Products has a unique resemblance to timber but unlike timber it does not rot or splinter. There're also other notable advantages:
  • No water sealing or painting needed
  • Insect resistant
  • Withstands humidity
  • Denser than wood
  • Hygienic and Washable
  • Weather proof & Mould resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environment Friendly
  • Contact Us Today to get a quotation. We also have other range of amazing plastic furniture.
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Our Progress

Through bootstrapping, we recently launched a minimum viable product using Twitter (@kaynathy), where very small amount of airtime was offered to few number of followers who took part in a free online weekend quiz. Popular musical lyrics embeded in pictures created in www.canva.com were used to test users, to ascertain if people will fancy the concept of using pictures to answer questions, and this proved to be a success.

Business Consulting

As experts, we offer different categories of comprehensive business consulting and advice to prospective/existing business owners, on how to structure their business system and execute effectively.....Find Out More