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The process of creating jobs begins with identifying a problem worth solving, then proffering solutions best required to solve the problem. The next step is to begin a proper business documentation to analyze the economic and profitability viability of the process in terms of business. Generally, job creation is the process of providing new jobs, especially for people who are unemployed. That is one major area that we at Deep Towers are looking to consolidate, so at the end we can be able to put a number of unemployed youths to work.

With a solid and viable business plan, we will strive to bring together a smart team together to be able to carry out the business at hand. The business at hand is to deliver a value product or services to a large number of customers strictly following a well-conceived plan of action that should be boosted by solid marketing. The youths have a great hand if the new economy should be sustained. Things are moving past the speed of light in the modern world. And no doubt, majority of early adopters are youths, who love the art of creativity and innovation. But at a time like this, with the streets and neighborhood littered with increasing number of unemployed youths, both male and females. The Universities around the world continue to produce and send fresh graduates into an economy already suffering from a high rate of unemployment. What this means is that the world does not need more job seekers rather more job creators. Deep Towers will continue to strive to create jobs from time to time, for even a few numbers of youths. Our job creation project will last over the next five years. We intend to start from small numbers and then increase our capacity and ability to create and add more fresh jobs into the economy.

The Summary / Phase of Job Creation Project:

  • Prepare a Standard Business Plan Documentation.
  • Seek funding (through Venture Capitalist or Angel Investors or CrowdFunding)
  • Bring together a team by employing creative youths
  • Business Plan Execution
  • Support other Entrepr
  • Support other Entrepreneurial Start-Up Projects
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“The rewards will be greater, if a business process is able to connect and communicate with hundreds of thousands of people, and if you maintain a loyal and increasing customer base”…….Basil Saint kelvin

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In return for equity, investors will receive 100% of net proceeds of the film until they have recouped 120% of their investment. Thereafter investors will receive 50% of the net proceeds of the film in perpetuity (in a 50/50 split with the producers). Executive Producer credits will also be granted to all investors.

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