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DEEP TOWERS is registered in Nigeria as global consultants and business experts. The notion of JOB CREATION through the execution of different categories of entrepreneurial systems is also our core belief. Because, understanding the availability of huge opportunities in the society and responding with the right business solution is what entrepreneurship is majorly about.

By leveraging emerging technologies, we’ve been able to provide reliable solution to our clients, partners, and customers as well. Our business consulting services are solely designed to help intending, new, and existing business owners, to practically learn and master how to successfully get their businesses past the breakeven point. And as a gateway to a number of international companies: we have consulted with them to assist them find a pathway to expand their sales and marketing operations into Nigeria.

One of our latest tech products is an Online Quiz Tournament which is scheduled to be launched first in Nigeria, before spreading the concept around the continent and of course, entering the global marketplace. This product is designed to offer a higher performance. It will run faster, allow more people to participate, do something better and easier, and substantially improve on what is already in the marketplace.

Our premium consultancy services, which will now come with a bonus package of the book, the “Next Altitude,” are targeted mainly for aspiring and young entrepreneurs. The commitment to job creation is channeled towards assisting entrepreneurs though their line of actions. We are open for funding from investors, both Venture Capitalist, and Angel Investors, for the creation and development of our other mainstream product model. By leveraging a lean creative team, with various professional skills required to effectively carry out all the needed operational activities, we can make further meaningful progress to fully development our products and company, expanding into other parts of the country and beyond.

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What are the core value of Deep Towers?

Excellence in business activities is achievable through the application of practical, reliable, effective, and flexible operational strategies. By putting a balanced team together and following the right plans of action- we’re optimistic of experiencing positive result from the momentum of a great input.

The YesOtherwiseNo Quiz Tournament, what’s it all about?

YESOTHERWISENO is a brand that offers what no any other Quiz Model offers anywhere in the World! We have a whole lot of AMAZING features to give every participant a Fair Advantage

  • Simplified Questions
  • Simplified Options
  • Simplified Answers

When is the Waste Plastic Project getting started?

The Nigerian Waste Plastic Recycling Plant Project (NWPRPP) is scheduled to convert at least 250 metric tons of plastic waste (both strong and the soft plastic grade) into various range of plastic furniture. The project is classified under the renewable and green technology, capable of saving the environment.