Angel Investing.

One of the biggest challenges facing most entrepreneurs at start-up is the lack of capital to start up a business project. And if this hurdle is eventually overcome, the lack of sufficient working capital to sustain average monthly operation can still stand in the way of business managers in achieving full progress.
External funding have provided a direct possible means of supporting entrepreneurs and business owners financially, in their quest of building a business and successfully taking their products/services to the market.

There are different categories and sources of funding available for interested entrepreneurs: Bank loans, Venture Capital, Equity Funding, Crowdfunding, Angel Investors, etc. it is the stage of the business development that will determine the most suitable source of funding that will be required.
At Deep Towers, we’re already looking at supporting other entrepreneurs and giving back to the society in the future. Our main vision is to effectively sustain our online brands, then expanding across borders, and further into other continents. And to make profit at the end, and hence be able to attain the statutory requirement of an accredited investor.


We intend to keep supporting entrepreneurs in the coming years in the form of angel investing by providing financial backing for small start-ups. The capital we will provide can be a one-time injection of seed money or on-going support at a later stage during the business developmental stage.
We’re also looking forward to forming an alliance with other like-minded angel investors, especially in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. We also possibly intend to become associates with some well-established group of venture capitalist around the globe.