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Innovations are born through the combination of new and existing ideas- forming extraordinary products with amazing and creative features appealing to teeming number of customers.

Our team is creating a blog for Business Startups, Business travels, Funding advice, Online Resources, etc.

Coming Soon: Simplified Questions, Simplified Options, Simplified Answers.

An upcoming book publication for Our Premium Consultancy Services- about financial intelligence and business simulation.

Business Documentation

Business plans are important documents that point out the direction a business project will follow. Just like an x-ray result, it shows all the various parts that make up the entire business.

Funding Advisors

Whether you’re going for an early seed funding or middle stage funding, we can provide you with adequate advice on how to go about it.

Business Model/Design

A business model is described as the background structure of a business system. A business/service is supposed to have a fixed asset as well as a product which is being offered to customers in exchange of cash revenues.

Marketing Strategies

Lack of a good-enough, creative, and flexible marketing activities to reach a larger audience can be responsible for your low sales volume. Effective marketing activities are what will draw customers to your business.

Product/Customer Development

We offer professional advice on both product development and customer development. We will guide you through the following stages of your product development processes:

Entrepreneurship Training

Members of the public who are ready to be trained as entrepreneurs who build a product or own a service that will be offered to the customers in exchange of cash revenue, should try our training program.

The Future of Waste Plastic in Nigeria
Waste Plastic Explosion
The Future of Waste Plastic in Nigeria
Products of the FUTURE with Zero Maintenance
100% Recycled Plastic Products
We supply different range of Recycled Plastic School Desks; all made from 100% Plastic Waste:
Nursery School Desk
Primary School Desk (single)
Primary School Desk (double)
Secondary School Desk (single)
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