About the Founder.

Basil Saint kelvin is the founder and Director of Deep Towers. He believes that the greatest leverage offered by the internet innovation is that anybody can be a player who has a website and few dollars to get it up and running. This has always been his enthusiasm about the internet, creative innovation, and starting up small business in the modern economy.
He is a writer, author, blogger, entrepreneur, and a strategist on models of innovative business system designs.

Connect with Basil:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/authorbasil
Blog: www.authorbasil.blogspot.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/authorkelvinbasil
Email: authorbasil@gmail.com

Educational Background

B.Engr. Chemical Engineering, Enugu State University of Science and Technology.
A life-long student of entrepreneurship who is passionate about financial education, and presents the strategy of making money using the leverage of the internet, as a set of system components which adds up to form a simple business asset, that can generate cashflow in the modern economy.

Personal Skills

Marketing skills.
Leadership skills.
Public speaking.
Business model designs.