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Funding Advisors to Startups

Whether you’re going for an early seed funding or middle stage funding, we can provide you with adequate advice on how to go about it. Majority of entrepreneurial ventures require funding at its early stage to lift the business off the ground and sustain it all along. There are different methods of funding that can be used today, and it is very important to know which method will be suitable for your business project. What we will do for you:

  • Suggest the most suitable funding method for your business project
  • Review your funding preparatory materials
  • Prepare funding materials for your CrowdFunding campaigns

Business Analysis

A business model is described as the background structure of a business system. A business/service is supposed to have a fixed asset as well as a product which is being offered to customers in exchange of cash revenues. The method/ pattern of operation to be followed by the business is first captured in the design of the business model. A model says a lot about the business, describing all that will go on inside the business from the beginning to the end. And without competitive pricing structure to be able to attract both high, middle, and low income earners, your business could be missing out on a large available market share. What we will do for you:

  • Analyze your current business model
  • Prepare a lean canvas for your new/ existing business project
  • Re-design a new/creative model for your business

Effective Business Strategy

Having a sound business strategy for business operations is one of the good foundations of almost every successful business. Strategy formation involves the consideration of up to three (3) optional method to follow and finally stick on the one that will take your business straight up. Experimentation is also an important aspect of strategy formation. Most of the strategies proposed must first be tested on live customers in order to ascertain customer validation. When you Contact Us at DEEP TOWERS, we will take a critical look at your current business strategy and recommend other creative strategies

Business Coaching/Mentorship

In our coaching/ mentorship program, we relate to our direct clients from time to time, during the course of the business process cycle. We offer real-time advice on the current status of your business, then offer professional advice or suggestion best suitable to sustain a profitable business direction. We encourage both new and existing entrepreneurs to firmly hold their grounds, sticking to their business goals and objectives, even in the face of challenges or hurdles and stoppages or slow-downs that occur in most business ventures.

Marketing Strategies

Lack of a good-enough, creative, and flexible marketing activities to reach a larger audience can be responsible for your low sales volume. Effective marketing activities are what will draw customers to your business. We will:

  • Review your current marketing plans
  • Suggest other various marketing plans that can significantly boost your customer base
  • Suggest the best online marketing plans suitable for your type of business
  • Recommend growth-hacking technique that will help you discover and validate new customers for your product/service

General Business Advisor

We offer general business advice to prospective/existing business owners, on how to structure their business system and execute effectively. Our discussion will center on the following parts of your business:

  • Product/Service
  • Marketing/ Communication
  • Cash flow Management
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Mission

Product/Customer Development

We offer professional advice on both product development and customer development. We will guide you through the following stages of your product development processes: Take a look and analyze your new/old concept Offer advice or support during your Beta/Alpha test Offer strategic advice for your 1st product launch And in the customer development, we will walk you through the following phases, offering you substantial and strategic information on:

  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Validation
  • Customer Creation

Cashflow Management

Cashflow management is a vital part of business administration and business management. The cash flowing into a business in the form of sales revenue, should be just enough to cover all the outstanding and average monthly operational cost of the business. For clients interested in our cashflow management consultancy services, we will be most happy to analyze your vital financial information over a specified period of time. We will analyze the following information in your business:

  • Status of your income/expenses/assets/liabilities.
  • Perform a financial check comparison of your gross profit, operational profit, and net profit.
  • Analyze your cashflow statement account.
  • Perform financial integrity check on your balance sheet and compare it with other financial index to be able to chart the course of the business into a profitable region.

Business Plan Documentation

Business plans are important documents that point out the direction a business project will follow. Just like an x-ray result, it shows all the various parts that make up the entire business. A business plan is a document outlining the goals of the business and strategies to achieve these goals. What we will do for you:

  • Show you how to prepare a standard business plan documentation.
  • Help you analyze and review a business plan.
  • Write a comprehensive business plan for a proposed business project.

Entrepreneurship Training

Members of the public who are ready to be trained as entrepreneurs who build a product or own a service that will be offered to the customers in exchange of cash revenue, should try our training program. Our training offers a wide range of studies and actions so as to put the entrepreneur-to-be a real live encounter with live customers. Our entrepreneurship training program is a step by step process which covers a lot of things business owners need to be successful in their business ventures. We also make sure that leadership training is part of the training because all business owners need to be great leaders. Team-building skills are also largely part of our entrepreneurship training. Intending business owners need to know how to bring together a smart team for the purpose of recording a smooth operational activity of the business.

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